A Peak Into 2019 Swimwear Trends: What Will Be Hot This Year

A Peak Into 2019 Swimwear Trends: What Will Be Hot This Year

As 2018 wraps up, we look into the next swimwear trends going into 2019 for women. Our design team peaked into Miami Swimwear Week and also directly from The Swimwear Journal's research with wholesalers.

Here's what we will see in 2019: “Neo Tech,” “Rave,” “Paradiso” and “Surf In.”

Neo Tech” refers to the need for competition swim styles to perform as a second skin. Fabrics get lighter, with high-density construction providing an anti-drag feature. Styling is comprised of clean lines with seamless bonding. As fitness swimwear and gym-to-swim styling continue to grow in popularity, the emphasis is on fit, support and stability, with an eye toward creative color and print combinations. Transfer placements and sublimation prints create a stylish sporty appeal across the category.

Rave” culture refers to the 1980s music revival, and the experimentation of colors and textures. Fabric surfaces advance in all directions, from jacquards to seersucker, creating interest and excitement—especially when infused with vibrant color. Florescent, high-iridescent and glossy treatments return. It is meant to look fake, funky and fun—it’s a new age with an 80s feel.

Paradiso” looks to nature and exotic destinations for print and color inspiration. The marriage of superior fabrications with innovative print and color direction and expert construction creates the perfect style. High-power knits feature a silky soft hand, and surface appearance ranges from semi-matte to shimmering brilliance. Body contouring through the use of compression outer fabrics and linings continues in importance, with the purpose of attaining a smooth silhouette while boosting the confidence of the wearer.

Surf In” is a call to environmental responsibility and action. The surfer influence requires freedom of movement with multi-functional styling to take the wearer from water sports to the beach café. Recycled synthetics like recycled nylon and  recycled polyester accomplish the goal of creating eco-conscious styling with the added feature of UV protection. Prints in this category take on an aged, sundried look.

Wendolin Zenteno and her design team will be launching its fabulous 2019 collection soon. We've been hard at work and looking at the latest trends while finding the best quality patterns and designs. All made in Los Angeles, with love!


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